Astromerique Talk Series

Upcoming Talks

Speaker: Laurence Perreault Levasseur

Title: STUFF

Date: 2024-03-21

Abstract: The Gaia mission has revealed intricate substructure across a range of scales in the Milky Way, ushering in a new era of Galactic Dynamics. This wealth of information has enabled model-dependent constraints of the Milky Way gravitational potential, sourced by both baryonic and dark components. In this talk, I will discuss new flexible methods for reconstructing the Milky Way potential from a model independent standpoint, using stellar streams to estimate the galactic acceleration field.

Bio: I am a first year graduate student in the department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. I am currently working on a range of topics in galactic dynamics and galactic archeology, most of which rely on some aspect of machine learning to capture the complexity of the Gaia data and other large scale spectroscopic surveys like APOGEE.

Past Talks

Speaker: Yashar Hezaveh

Title: Strong Lensing in the Era of Big Data

Date: 2024-02-27

Speaker: Jacob Nibauer

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Date: 2022-03-15

Speaker: Ali Yijun Wang

Title: NA

Date: 2022-03-08

Speaker: Stefano Torniamenti

Title: A novel generative method for star clusters from hydro-dynamical simulations

Date: 2022-03-03

Speaker: Olivia Cooper

Title: NA

Date: 2022-02-15

Speaker: Jaclyn Champagne

Title: Another title for cosmology and machine learning

Date: 2022-02-08

Speaker: Justin Myles

Title: Leveraging Spectroscopy for Dark Energy Survey Science

Date: 2022-02-01