Environment and Culture

Our vision

At our research institute, we firmly believe that fostering equity and diversity is crucial to creating an inclusive and innovative environment where everyone can thrive. Our commitment to these values not only promotes a culture of respect and collaboration but also drives the advancement of knowledge and discovery. We recognize that a diverse community of researchers, faculty, staff, and students is essential to fostering creativity and generating unique perspectives, ultimately contributing to the success and impact of our work.

To ensure that our institute embraces and celebrates the myriad of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we have implemented various policies and programs to support equity and diversity. These initiatives include targeted recruitment efforts, mentorship programs, training workshops, and resources that create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all members of our community. By continually refining our approach and integrating equity and diversity into every aspect of our institute, we aim to cultivate an environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and contribute to the collective advancement of knowledge.

A collaborative culture

At Ciela, we pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative culture that encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. We believe that by bringing together diverse minds and working collectively, we can achieve greater innovation and more robust solutions to complex challenges. Our team-based approach creates an atmosphere where individuals can openly exchange ideas, offer constructive feedback, and support one another’s growth and development. This spirit of collaboration extends beyond our internal teams, as we actively engage with external partners, researchers, and organizations to broaden our networks and enrich our understanding of the issues we address.

Our collaborative culture is founded on mutual respect, trust, and a shared commitment to achieving our research goals. By continually nurturing this environment, we empower our researchers, faculty, staff, and students to reach their full potential, while also ensuring that our institute remains at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation.

Our team's perspective

After joining the research groups of Prof. Hlavacek-Larrondo, Prof. Perreault-Levasseur, and Prof. Hezaveh, I immediately noticed the beautiful spirit of support among the group members. Students and professors are always open to giving advice, answering questions and helping out. In group meetings, the emphasis is on cooperation, and there is an effort on the part of the old members to welcome the new ones and get to know everyone. This institute encourages everyone’s academic development, all in a friendly environment conducive to research.

- Maria Sadikov

MSc Student

As a woman, my voice carries as much as the others within the Institute. We encourage each member to speak up and express their ideas. Moreover, any decision-making process involves consultation of the members. My interests and concerns are always taken into account. Also, my colleagues welcome my questions and take all the time necessary to answer them. This supportive atmosphere greatly contributes to reducing the pressure to perform.

- Ève Campeau-Poirier

MSc Student

Since I first joined the institute, I felt a friendly and supportive atmosphere, evident in various situations, from the way my supervisor and I communicated to how my peers did their utmost to help me get used to my new situation. I never felt alone during this period. Our group activities are devised in a way to encourage us to discuss each other’s thoughts, skills, and work, thereby discovering ways to help each other and forming a collaborative and synergistic environment.

- Hadi Sotoudeh

MSc Student

​​Last year, I was given the great opportunity of joining the Institute, an affiliate program of the University of Montréal. As an immigrant from Lebanon, research groups like Ciela that strive to maintain a diverse and inclusive workspace have always been of the utmost importance to me throughout my academic career. I not only feel accepted for my unique background but am appreciated for the divergent perspective I bring to the team. As the Institute grows, I look forward to meeting and collaborating with all the different people we enlist along the way.

- David Chemaly

MSc Student

As a woman with disabilities who has faced many obstacles throughout my academic path I was relieved to find a supervisor that would see past my fluctuating academic records and see me for my potential.
When joining this group, I was glad to find a safe and judgment free environment where I was given resources and hands-on help to overcome the many challenges I face.
Supervisors and managers are always there to help me and give me an equal opportunity to achieve my true potential.

- Claudia Bielecki

MSc Student